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‘Build Your Own’ Livery Contracts

Willow Farm EC has an additional livery yard with four stables and paddocks. The livery yard is set away from the busy riding school yard providing livery horses with comparatively quite surroundings. Turn out is available for most of the year but will be dependant on the weather. The paddocks need time to recover so the livery horses may be kept in at times to allow this to happen. We provide livery on an individual basis and the contracts/price reflects this. The contracts are designed specifically to suit each horse and owner. The staff are more than willing to help with livery horses if required, in terms of turning out, mucking out, bringing in and even riding. Obviously the more involvement the WFEC staff have the higher the price of keeping the horse on livery. If this type of livery is of interest please speak to a member of staff for more details and stable availability.
Tel: 02476 542141