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Working Livery

Some of Willow Farm EC’s horses are with us on a working livery basis. Working livery is great for first time horse owners that want help and support from our experienced staff as well as reducing the cost of owning a horse. Many first time owners have gained valuable knowledge through keeping a horse on working livery at WFEC and have since gone on to keep horses away from the Centre. Buying your first horse can be quite a difficult process, people can be drawn into buying a horse/pony that is not suitable for them. WFEC staff can aid you in reading through the jargon on many adverts to find the right horse for both you and the school. A horse on working livery will be used for lessons and hacks where required by WFEC but will be available for the owner to ride, groom and pamper etc.  
The working livery horses fall into line with the rest of the WFEC horses and ponies in regard to shoeing, worming, basic feeding. In some cases, we may be able to provide temporary tack/turnout rugs until the owners buy their own. If you decide you want to keep a horse on working livery at Willow Farm EC a contract will be drawn up between the Centre and the horse owner agreeing to what each party is responsible for. If working livery is of interest to you please speak to a member of staff for more information.

Freddie: One of the working livery

horses at WFEC

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